Since its inception in 1979, NGL has been recognised throughout the world as one of the leaders in chemical research and development for precision cleaning in industrial environments. The product formulation is developed in Nyon (Switzerland) by our R&D team.

Our engineers are attentive to customer needs and are able to adapt to problems, new markets, new specifications or new materials.

Our test and control laboratories integrate these parameters as the changes are made. In this way, we are no longer merely suppliers, but are true technological partners in our customers’ activities, offering them the best possible quality.

In addition to improvements in chemical formulations to meet increasingly stringent requirements for degreasing, we take into account all aspects of our quest for perfection:

  • Cleaning and surface preparation technologies
  • Development of new materials and substrates
  • New environmental and legislative standards
  • User protection


Control of the water cycle is vital for the success of cleaning and surface preparation processes. This is also where our water chemists deploy their know-how: pre-filtration of bathing water, recycling of closed-circuit rinsing water, recycling of de-burring water, treatment of wastewater, etc.

A team of experts to develop, customise processes and equipment adapted to your specifications. At NGL, innovation constitutes a commitment that feeds on all our company’s energies