Flashback afterwork 2 april 2019 – Water Treatment

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Organized in the Vaud / Geneva region, the afterwork of April 2nd brought together customers and stakeholders from the industrial and water treatment sector.

The evening was dedicated to on-site industrial wastewater treatment, before it reaches the communal treatment plant, as explained by a representative of a municipal water treatment facility. It gave a better understanding of the various types of wastewater and the operation of such a facility. As such, it has contributed to improve these industrial companies overall understanding of on-site treatment and raise their awareness about the legislative aspects of environmental standards when it comes to wastewater disposal.

  1. «Industrial wastewater, the point of view of the plant operator», presentation by Mr. Tony Reverchon – Director of the EPRM Epuration Region Morgienne – emphasized the importance of wastewater pre-treatment , focusing on monitoring and management at the source (separation of water types, no dilution of polluted water, compliance with general / specific requirements) to allow optimal operation of treatment plants downstream of industries.
  2. «Pre-treatment of Industrial Waste Water», which was presented by Dr. Felicien Mazille – Head of the Water Treatment Division NGL, described various techniques for pre-treatment of industrial wastewater and an approach for decision-makers to select the most relevant solutions for a good management of industrial wastewater.
  3. Mr. Youssef Bellammou – Maintenance Manager – at BestinClass SA, whose main activity is industrial polishing of watch parts, jewelry and writing instruments, shared with us his experience of the different types of wastewaters at BestinClass. He perfectly illustrated the operation of their plant, which is adapted to wastewater containing precious metals. He also stressed the importance of good monitoring to ensure an efficient maintenance of their facilities.


Heading : Dr. Félicien Mazille – Head of the Water Treatment Division NGL / Left to right : Mrs. Aurélie Borruto – M. Tony Reverchon – M. Youssef Bellammou 


The afterwork ended with an aperitif dinner allowed fruitful exchanges : points of view, recommendations, concrete cases and advice. The sales technicians and head of the NGL water treatment division, respectively Philippe Malaguti, Philipp Wuetschert and Félicien Mazille, are here to respond to water treatment inquiries and are available for a study of your company wastewater flows.

NGL would like to sincerely thank all the participants, present at this afterwork, who made it possible to create a link between operators of communal treatment facilities and the industrial companies.

We see this as a real encouragement to multiply this kind of exchanges!

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