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Procedures used on metallic pieces (breaking in, rectification) generate significant amounts of cooling liquid (emulsion or watery soluble oil solution).

It is appropriate to recycle this kind of solution in use for a better quality procedure and to limit operating costs (water consumption and managing residual waters).

Emulsion is traditionally recycled by centrifuging, but produces better results when recycled by filtration after a specific dose of a coagulation or flocculation agent.


NGL’s IPS procedure consists of aligned treatment of the fluid laden with material in suspension in accordance with the diagram:




Rectification emulsion before and after treatment:



The simplicity of the equipment is the guarantee of reliable functioning with low operating costs.
Treatment capacity easily reaches various dozens of m3/h.

The efficacy of the process is linked to the wise choice of the Decofloc reactive agent, enabling:

  • The enlargement of the materials in suspension to recover them by means of a hydrostatic filter
  • The clarification of the emulsion for a better surface quality of the piece under treatment
  • Recycling the emulsion on machines
  • Reducing maintenance operations on machines
  • Limiting blocking problems in the emulsion collecting network
  • Prolonging the life of the emulsion with a direct consequence on the cost of eliminating it as special waste


Contact our technical service for an analysis of your problems with recycling cooling liquids.

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