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As a formulator of specialist chemical products, NGL holds itself responsible for making improvements to products in keeping with the recommendations of REACH (European legislation concerning the registration, assessment, authorisation and restriction of chemical products).

The aim is clear: to develop high-performance detergents without any damage to human health or the environment.

The range presented below is a technological advancement in that it removes grinding and polishing compounds as well as eliminating grease on precious metals, steel and titanium with detergents completely free from harmful products.

Rodaclean 2018 is a highly alkaline liquid detergent (pH>14) which is also eco-compatible. Its safety diagram is limited to the following display.

Galvex 20.02 is a liquid detergent that leaves the surface easily wettable, is an excellent remover of polishing residues, and makes rinsing very easy and thorough. With a pH of 10, this product is compatible with many different types of steel, with titanium, with gold and copper alloys and with certain types of aluminium. Completely free of harmful products, it can be applied in single-product mode on an automatic line, using the following procedure:

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