An economical solution for rinsing water consumption

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Process for the recycling of rinsing water; Nanoclean RW

Large quantities of rinse water are commonly used on most industrial cleaning lines. These are often overflowing rinses, which generate large quantities of waste water containing residues of detergents and impurities from the active cleaning tanks. With growing concern of the general population about environmental issues, recycling of large quantities of industrial water has become a hot topic! Among the benefits of NGL’s Nanoclean RW recycling process are saving a substantial amount of water and reducing the volume of waste water generated. Indeed, the innovative and fully automated Nanoclean RW process reduces the water consumption used for rinsing cleaning lines by approximately 75%. Relying on NGL’s expertise to implement this type of water recycling units makes sense as it already supplies the cleaning products and therefore has a perfect understanding of the cleaning process, ensuring the optimal functioning of the recycling system.

Example of use

The Nanoclean RW process is currently implemented by NGL to feed an automatic cleaning line at a renowned Swiss watch-making company. This solution saves several cubic meters of water per day and per washing machine. Using the following techniques, the Nanoclean RW finely filters the rinse water, allowing it to be reused in a closed loop:

  • Detergents carried over in the rinse tank are removed by a filtering membrane introduced into the rinsing tank. The purified water is stored in a tank before being safely reused in the rinsing process.
  • An automatic cleaning device is incorporated to the system, so that it is easly maintained

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