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Galvex 18.01 is proposed as an ecofriendly alternative to solvent cleaning for parts with complex geometries. It is already proven for cleaning of critical parts and sub-assemblies for the military and aerospace sectors that will be used in extreme environments in terms of temperature or humidity.

Tested on the ability to clean tribo-finishing oils and residues, the innovative formulation of Galvex 18.01 has found its application for cleaning aluminium, aluminium coated (Alodine) and Stainless steel parts.

The tested process is the following

The effectiveness of Galvex 18.01 has been confirmed on all the parts and pollutants. Being very easy to rinse off, parts are left perfectly cleaned and totally clear of residues, which highly improves the reliability of the final assembly.

At the end of the various tests, Galvex 18.01 was retained and certified for cleaning applications on these critical parts thus meeting the very strict specifications in terms of cleaning quality and residues.