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NGL uses analytical testing to systematically check all the products’ features and characteristics (on 100% of the raw materials and 100% of the manufactured and finished products in Switzerland). This technical procedure ensures full compliance of NGL products and immediate removal of those which fail to meet NGL quality requirements.

Due to NGL’s expertise in its fabrication processes and its reliable traceability, NGL guarantees a constant and exemplary product quality. This quality is further improved by a close collaboration at an early stage with the raw material suppliers.

The control method is carried out internally by a dedicated and experienced team that has a specialised laboratory equipped with the latest measuring equipment:

  • Infrared spectrometer, gas chromatograph, tensiometer, refractometer, viscometer and a pH-meter.

If required, checks can be carried out at the request of our customers.  A certificate of analysis, which includes identity and quality checks of the raw material batch, is delivered by the laboratory.

Nyon, 10 December 2018/adm.