With more than 40 years of experience in formulating, manufacturing, and marketing innovative ecological solutions, NGL has established itself as one of the leaders in chemistry for precision cleaning and surface preparation in various industrial fields. Building on this success and with a commitment to environmental sustainability, NGL has developed extensive equipment and solutions for prefiltration, recycling of washing line waters, and treatment of residual waters.

Our objective is to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction while also protecting the health and safety of our employees by moving towards an eco-friendlier production and consumption methods. Our organization has been based on a quality management system since 1994 and our aim is to constantly improve this system in line with our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certification standards, by adapting our strategic directions to the context in which we operate.

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To best meet the requirements of our customers, we strive to put all our knowledge at their service to offer them products, processes, and excellent support.

  • The quality of our products is based on the diligent control of our entire chain of activities: a strong and reliable supply network, controlled and continuously modernized manufacturing processes, and an efficient traceability system.
  • Our concept of quality goes beyond the products we supply in which we offer personalized support to our customers through services that are the strength of NGL. Our Application Center provides technical support to customers to optimize their processes. We are proud to share our chemistry and surface treatment knowledge through NGL Academy trainings to raise awareness on key aspects of our business.
  • All our processes and activities are part of our continuous improvement approach, in which we involve the employees of all our subsidiaries as well as our suppliers. This is particularly evident in our rigorous handling of detected incidents to solve and prevent them from occurring.

Health and Safety at Work

To further protect the health and safety of our colleagues, customers, and partners where risks are numerous, we are constantly working to reduce and control them.

  • NGL takes the necessary steps to consolidate and maintain its legal and regulatory compliance as a prerequisite for the promotion of health and safety.
  • To guarantee optimal product safety, all the necessary safety documentation is made available to our customers and our teams do everything possible to respond to their concerns. Furthermore, our R&D department is constantly working to eliminate hazardous substances of very high concern.
  • Dangerous situations to which our employees may be exposed to are regularly analyzed and the necessary actions are taken to control them, in which new regulations are implemented with the purpose of reducing the risk of accidents. Similarly, our colleagues are trained and made aware of health and safety at work, followed by providing all collective and individual equipment for safer working conditions.

Environment - Sustainable Development

As a pioneer in the development of water-based solutions that have aided in the reduced usage of solvents, NGL has initiated an approach and established an action plan in favor of sustainable development and minimizing the impacts on the environment.

  • We always favor water-based solutions and focus our research on limiting volatile organic compounds in our formulations.
  • We aim to reduce its direct impacts on the environment by following two main principles:
    • Further control of our consumption data to optimize our energy performance through the implementation of efficient actions and more sustainable technologies.
    • Gradually reduce our discharges into various environments by quality control through rationalization of our common and special waste, in addition to the prevention of any accidental pollution.


As a compassionate company, NGL is conscious of the importance of every employee’s wellbeing. Therefore, we focus on the social skills of our teams while also working to reduce the difficulty of our activities. We ensure that each of our colleagues keeps a balance between private and professional life. Similarly, we encourage the development of a quality, safety, and environmental culture by including every employee in our continuous improvement process. Through these actions and through the ongoing training that all our employees receive, we want everyone to feel invested in the long-term development of NGL.

In the end, providing a healthy and pleasant working environment for each colleague is a priority for us. Communication between departments is encouraged to have everyone’s voice heard.