Having served our clients for almost 40 years, NGL is a recognised leader in the specialty chemical sector. We formulate, manufacture and sell technical and high added-value solutions for industrial inter-operation cleaning and surface preparation.

More recently, we have developed and integrated unique chemical and solutions expertise for the pre-filtration and recycling of water used on washing lines, and for the treatment of waste water.

With ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, NGL has an integrated system that manages quality, safety and the environment.

Thanks to this system, it is our goal and firm commitment to continuously improve our ways of working to offer our customers a top quality service and comply with the legislation in force.
Internal and external audits ensure our management system is compliant and effective.

Download the ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 Certificat


  • Thanks to our reliable supply network, our manufacturing expertise and an effective tracking system, we are able to guarantee top quality products.
  • Permanent technical assistance is available to our clients, free of charge, through our Applications Centres network and also at our customers’ sites.
  • Full product documentation is sent to our customers as a matter of course, enabling them to use our products in optimum conditions. This documentation includes safety information sheets for our products and factsheets about cleaning and water treatment processes.
  • Finally, the NGL Academy offers free technical training to our customers and partners to help them manage their processes and the quality of their products and work environment in the best possible way.


We make sure we fully understand our customers’ requirements and integrate them into our processes, ensuring our customers are satisfied.


In our sector, safety is closely linked with quality, so we’re committed to developing the best possible practices to control the risks linked to our operations by:

  • Identifying, assessing and implementing preventative measures to ensure effective risk management.
  • Guarantee employee and partner safety, including employees of external companies and visitors. The active prevention procedure we have implemented contributes to this.


NGL was the first company to develop cleaning processes using water that reduces the environmental impact of our products as much as possible. With this in mind, we systematically reduce the level of Volatile Organic Compounds in the specifications when developing our products and offer an effective water treatment system by recycling and treating used baths.

It is our goal to protect the environment by controlling how our processes, equipment and infrastructures are managed.


Expertise and know-how make NGL what it is! The well-being of our employees is a key concern for driving structured and controlled growth in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Qualified and committed employees with clear responsibilities working in teams are the key to achieving our goals.

  • We believe in continuous and tailored training to enhance each employee’s professional skills.
  • We are also committed to working on the inter-personal skills of our teams going forward.
  • Finally, we must increase awareness of quality, safety and the environment across the company because it is and will continue to be the responsibility of every member of staff.


This policy is shared with all staff and is available to the public.

Download our Quality, Security and Environment Policy