About us


  • 10% of HR
  • Teams dedicated to:
    – Chemistry
    – Water treatment
    – Installation
  • University collaboration and networking (EPFL, CleantechALPS, etc.)


Our philosophy: reduce the impact on the environment and on users’ health.


Chemical products, primarily water-based, for precision cleaning surface preparation and the treatment of industrial wastewater:

  • Improvement of NGL’s current line
  • Development of new tailor-made products complying with current standards
  • Substitution of hazardous raw materials (toxic, flammable, dangerous for the environment)
  • Taking into account the problems: substrate to be cleaned, pollution to be removed, existing equipment or new equipment, machining conditions and desired level of cleanliness, etc


Investment in human resources, continuous improvement of our production environment, accountability & OHSE involvement:

  • A competent, experienced team capable of meeting the requirements of our field of activity and our clients
  • Increasingly modern means of production (robots, forklift trucks, mixers, storage tanks, conditioners, etc.)
  • Our employees benefit from advanced training to enable them to manufacture our products in compliance with standards, procedures, safety of people and infrastructures while preserving the environment.



  • Cleaning and surface preparation (powder, spray and liquid):
    – Powder processing: 500 g, 1 kg
    – Liquid processing: 1L, 5L, 10L, 25L, 200L
    – Decoating processing:
  • Watch industry specialities: cream of tartar, Panama bark, etc.
  • Water pre-treatment and recycling units
  • Analytical instruments and process control
  • Water treatment plants


Perform in-house analytical tests on 100% of raw materials and 100% of finished products thanks to:

  • A dedicated and experienced team
  • A specialised laboratory
  • State-of-the-art measuring instruments: infra-red spectrometer, gas chromatograph, tensiometre, refractometer, viscometer, pH meter, etc.
  • Customised controls upon customer request


Our mission is to guarantee a quality level at all stages of the production process, in compliance with internal standards and standards:

  • The release of raw materials and finished products can only be carried out after analysis and verification of the conformity of their specifications
  • Our water treatment plants and filtration units must be tested internally before delivery
  • A certificate of analysis will be issued upon request


The safety of people and the environment is a constant concern of NGL:

  • Packaging in approved packaging
  • Storage under temperature-controlled conditions to maintain physical-chemical characteristics
  • Our products’ labels indicate the risks, conditions and concentration of use, expiry date, storage conditions and traceability.


Responsiveness is one of our strengths! We ensure the delivery of your orders in the shortest time possible. We have put in place:

  • Preferred partnerships with carriers
  • Our packaging meets the requirements of road, maritime and air transport
  • Customised labelling according to destination country
  • With our products you also receive all useful technical documentation (safety data sheet, data sheet, certificate of analysis, etc.)