The processes of cleaning or surface preparation in water-based require a good understanding of the physical-chemical mechanisms.
Cleaning and surface preparation processes in water-based require a good understanding of the physical-chemical mechanisms involved in controlling many parameters: water quality used to prepare baths or rinsing parts, substrate sensitivity, dosage and measurement concentration of operative principles, positioning of parts, working temperature, ultrasonic frequency or positioning and movement of parts.

Professional mobility is a source of wealth for companies as long as continuous training is put in place so as to avoid the loss of know-how.

Faced with these findings, we created the NGL Academy, a strong and modern concept to train our customers in the latest techniques and processes.


Intended for the agents of methods and the washing operators in the industries concerned. These training sessions are organised within the different subsidiaries of the NGL Group or directly on the site of the company concerned.

It generally includes a half-day theoretical approach, followed by a technical exchange or tests carried out in the NGL Group’s Application Centre.

The various modules proposed are:

  • Proper cleaning practices in detergent or mixed solvents
  • Techniques for the preparation and recycling of process water
  • Management of industrial wastewater


Possibility of organising a training session ‘à la carte’ within your company.



Presentations of products, interventions, debates, round tables … NGL sets up a meeting for its customers, suppliers, and partners and invites them to debate in a context where they are the focus, allowing for exchanges and networking between stakeholders and users.

During these sessions, each party contributes to sharing knowledge, experience and the development of innovative solutions.

The Afterwork allows the exchange on the topics of surface preparation, cleaning techniques, water treatment and so forth.

Free participation followed by dinner and drinks following work, the Afterworks NGL, a social and scientific moment!