Wastewater treatment: Evaporators

Operation principle

Separation of the aqueous phase from the process contaminants by distillation, which is carried out in a boiler under vacuum to low boiling point at a temperature of 35-38°C. The resulting distillate has similar characteristics to demineralized water and can therefore be reused in the production process. Vacuum evaporators allow the recovery of approximately 90-95% of the treated wastewater as distillate.


Types of effluents

  • Water containing heavy metals (Pb, Cr, Cu, etc.)
  • Concentrates from demineralization processes
  • Rinse water from cleaning processes
  • Water from washing equipment or floors
  • Recycling of water from foundries
  • Treatment of oil emulsion

Industrial programmable system

Operating is simple and does not require any special intervention by dedicated operator. The unit is completely automated and able to run 24h cycles. Operating hours and modes can be selected from the touch screen control panel.