Biological parts cleaner SoClean

Parts cleaner SoClean

Traditional solvents are still frequently used in workshops and factories to clean various parts, creating risks to the health and safety of operators. These products are toxic through contact or inhalation and flammable.

They are restrictive when it comes to upgrading facilities and eliminating waste. They are also a source of environmental hazard: accidental spills or release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The biological parts cleaner works with a SoClean Liquid with a solvent-free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, pH neutral cleaning solution, heated at 38°C, and SoClean Tabs, microorganism tablets which break down oils and continuously regenerate the solution. This process guarantees effective cleaning, with no residue on the parts, and helps limit chemical consumption, maintenance and waste.

Space-saving, easy to use and effective, SoClean biological parts cleaner are an excellent alternative to traditional container.

The benefits of the mobile parts cleaner:

1 – Environmentally friendly & Solvent-free
Non-toxic and non-flammable solution – No risk for the environment, no VOC release

2 – Effective
Efficient cleaning, with no residue on parts – Consistent cleaning quality over time

3 – Economical
No restrictions in terms of upgrading facilities – Limited maintenance, waste and reprocessing costs

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The addition of the tablet enables the solution to regenerate and ensures consistent quality of cleaning:

The biological parts cleaner SoClean
The ergonomic design of this cleaner offers various cleaning and filtration systems and a user-friendly control unit


Cleaning solution SoClean Liquid
An aqueous formula made up of specific, non-toxic and non-flammable surfactants that loosen and break down dirt


A Concentrate of microorganisms: SoClean Tabs
Biodegradation of dirt, continuous purification of the cleaning bath


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Parts cleaner SoClean 40

Parts cleaner SoClean 100

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