Rodaclean 2018 : For metal cleaning

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Highly alkaline degreasing liquid, for removing polishing compounds and light oils in ultrasonic processes, especially used in the medical sector, but also in watchmaking, jewellery, micromechanics, automotive, crystals, ophthalmic optics.


Compatible with titanium, ceramic, steel, stainless steel…, ensures a complete degreasing of parts, and  increases wettability of surfaces.




  • Appropriated to the medical sector and implantology (dental, medical and orthopaedic implants, dental and surgical implants)
  • Excellent preparation of surfaces after polishing and before vacuum metallisation
  • No harmful compound
  • Effective on a wide range of polishing compounds
  • Efficient on dry contamination
  • Perfect emulsification and solubilisation of greasy residues
  • Increases wettability
  • Long bath life