Nanoclean EHP, for recycling water…

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… from the high-pressure deburring machine to lower water consumption and reduce the volume ofwastewater.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the Nanoclean EHPprocess is an innovative and totally-automated solution. It allows water usedin a high pressure deburring process to be recycled, while providing constant, impeccable quality in terms of conductivity, temperature and microbiology.

It also reduces the consumption of water treated by reverse osmosis by more than 90%!

>>> Photo of NGL’s Nanoclean EHP unit (on the left) and a high-pressure deburring unit (on the right) operating in an industrial environment

Application example:

The Nanoclean EHP process is currently being operated by NGL to feed a deburring system developed by EIC in Saint-Aubin ( which consumes about 1 m3/h of high pressure water (1000 bar) requiring a low conductivity (less than 25mS/cm) at a controlled temperature (less than 23°C). These requirements are met by using the following technical solutions which also allow microscopic metal chips to be removed, as well as dissolved metal ions, from the used process water:

  • A reverse osmosis unit allows tapwater to be purified,beforefilling the storage tank supplying the customer’s high-pressure deburring process.
  • The used deburring process water goes back into the storage tank wherea second reverse osmosis unit, regulated by a conductivity probe operates in a closed circuit, lowering the conductivity of the water to the desired value.
  • Finally, a second closed circuit within the storage tank directs the water through a cooling unit and througha UV lamp which regulates the water temperature to its required value and prevents the growth of bacteria and algae.


Block diagram:


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