NGL Water Technologies

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NGL products and water treatment processes are the result of several decades of research and development in various industrial applications.

We share this know-how with our customers, to help them select the right technology, adapt its design and handle the installation of state of the art wastewater treatment plants, tailored to their specific requirements.


Decofloc treatment of industrial wastewaters

Putting chemistry at the service of the environment: developing and fine-tuning of Decofloc processes.

Fine dosing of chemicals, containing coagulating, flocculating and precipitating agents are realized by NGL experts, for a proper physicochemical treatment in any type of wastewater treatment plant.

NGL offers to Decofloc users:

  • Development and monitoring of the Decofloc process by water chemists
  • Regular analysis of water after treatment in the NGL laboratory
  • Compliance of wastewaters with regards to heavy metal concentration


Innovative systems for treatment of industrial wastewater

The NGL solutions provided for the industry and the environment include:

  • Development of wastewater treatment systems, among which: physicochemical processes, UV oxidation and evapo-concentration
  • Design of adapted plants according to volumes of water to be treated, types of effluents and other customers’ requirements
  • Assessment of wastewater flows and contents, local regulation, existing equipment, etc…
  • Automated turnkey processes
  • Accompaniment in the processes by the local environmental authorities, and guarantee of results that comply with the Federal Ordinance on Protection of Waters
  • Responsive and efficient after-sales service


Industrial water production and recycling units to improve water quality and save water

Whatever the quality requirements of industrial water at the start of a process (ultra-filtered, softened, Reverse Osmosis or demineralized water), NGL Water Technologies can offer a suitable solution.

NGL Water Technologies also helps industries looking to reduce consumption of water-intensive processes, such as rinsing, cutting or cooling.

To sum up, NGL provides comprehensive and effective technical solutions for companies looking at different ways to manage their industrial waters, whether its process or wastewater.

NGL Academy

For your information, the NGL Academy also offers training sessions on industrial water treatment technologies.

The “NGL Water Technologies” division can offer all types of equipment adapted to the needs of the industry (membrane filtration, recycling of rinsing baths, installation of physico-chemical treatment, vacuum or atmospheric pressure evaporators etc). For any information, and to start your water treatment project now, do not hesitate to contact director:

Félicien Mazille, Ph.D.,
+41 79/172 40 53